Chocolate and feedback: is less really more?

Whoever said less is more obviously wasn’t talking about chocolate. Let’s face it: the only thing better than chocolate is more chocolate.

And, you know what? Your sweet tooth may be on to something. There are times when a little will never be as good as a lot.

Case in point? Your patient’s feedback. Like chocolate, the only thing better than feedback is more feedback.

The more feedback you get, the more you can engage with your patients, attract new patients, and improve your business operations.

So why settle for a little feedback, when you can have a lot?

Read on to learn to more about the sweet rewards you can reap from more feedback—and why we may have to settle for less chocolate in 2022.


Patient feedback is like a box of chocolates

Like life, patient feedback is also like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. That’s why we get you positive patient feedback online and actionable patient feedback internally.

The key is to keep your positive online reviews fresh and frequent while using your actionable patient feedback internally to retain your patient base and drive change.

Here’s why:


First impressions & new patients

91% of patients read reviews and say that reviews influence their decision to engage with a practice. So, your online reviews—positive and negative—are establishing the first impression of your brand. A steady cadence of positive reviews and personalized responses will show prospective patients you are a thriving practice that listens to its patients.


Google rankings

The quantity, recency, and star-ratings of your Google reviews affect your local search rankings. Searches for the “best” anything in the area will only show businesses with 4-star+ results. Is your business one of them?


Operational feedback & patient retention

Your actionable feedback drives insight into your business. And even though it is going to be uncomfortable to learn about patient issues, addressing them is the difference between keeping a patient and losing a patient. Without actionable feedback, you don’t know how many patients are at-risk to leave your practice. 


Chocolate, 2022: Is Less the New More?

Turns out Big Chocolate doesn’t agree with our more is more philosophy because they are in cahoots to shrink our chocolate bars.

But it’s ok with us because it’s for a good reason.

By 2022, you will start seeing smaller packages with lower calorie counts, all in an effort to tackle high rates of obesity in the U.S.


Are you ready to get more new patients?