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Patients in today’s world choose health care providers the way they shop for a product on Amazon. The facts are in: Growing a practice today requires a different mindset, skillset, and strategy than in the past. A doctor’s success as a clinician is no longer determined by their skill alone; it hinges on providing an exemplary beginning-to-end patient journey. The practitioner that delivers the best patient experience will win.

We are in your corner. Your role as COO, practice administrator, or marketing director is a complex one. You must wear multiple hats, balance operations and staffing, and manage diverse facets of business while pursuing one underlying goal: delivering an amazing patient experience. We are here to help you achieve that goal. We help you listen better, understand your patients’ needs more fully, and react faster in order to meet and exceed patients’ increasingly high expectations.


What matters most to us.

What matters most to our business is your business. We deliver unparalleled service and show you real results each and every month.  


Life's too short to work with people who do not genuinely care. We are in the people business -- we care more about the people we work with than anything else.

Customer Service

Technology will change, but our commitment to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction to our clients will not. You can expect the best personalized service humanly possible from us.

Results & Insights

We don’t tell, we show. We will show you the results and insights we deliver in writing. It’s simple. We help you increase revenue by uncovering hidden opportunities through actionable patient feedback and insights.


Meet our people

A small and passionate team with big hearts and 1 goal--helping our clients.

Ryan Schumacher

Founder & CEO

Dr. Ray Stroup


Rachel Gratz

Client Success

Ryan Cady


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