Measure and improve your employee satisfaction

Gather employee feedback and uncover the hidden insights you need to improve your culture, operations, and patient experience.

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Never Lose Another Patient

Helping you strengthen your culture to build a better business



Get actionable employee feedback and insights to improve employee satisfaction


Impact Results

See how your actions impact employee productivity and organizational KPIs



Enable managers with data and action planning


Reduce Attrition

Reduce unwanted and costly attrition

Happy employees lead to happy patients

Understanding our employee satisfaction has been critical to our success. Our employees feel safe to give us their feedback now, and it has changed the culture inside our practice.

Angel Cunningham

Angel Cunningham

Practice Administrator at S&G Family Dentistry

Benefits of satisfied employees

Helping you strengthen your culture to build a better organization.

  • Improved productivity and higher employee loyalty
  • Increased enthusiasm about work
  • Influence other employees
  • Provide feedback and new ideas
  • Meet and exceed business goals
  • Provide better patient experiences
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Your employee satisfaction measurement process doesn't need to be complex

Let our employee satisfaction insights do the work for you.

Employee satisfaction measures your people’s attitudes and engagement at work. Their satisfaction shows how committed they are to their jobs. Measuring employee satisfaction is a holistic way to find out how an employee feels toward the company, other associates, their job, and their overall role in your organization. Highly engaged employees help companies meet and exceed their business goals.

Employee satisfaction insights help organizations understand what motivates their people to go above and beyond at work. They help build better operations that encompass employee feedback to improve employee satisfaction, keep their best people happy, and attract highly qualified new talent.

  • Increase engagement and productivity
  • Understand experience gaps and build skills with training
  • Empower your employees
  • Build a stronger culture
  • Attract high quality new talent to join your team

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